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Sipping music bit by bit

July 16, 2019   I  VIEW ALL

Life is a journey; a journey through smooth sea and winding curves. It occasionally bounces in the meandering rivulets of society, family and our ‘chunk friends.’ The distance between joyful tears and tears of sadness are close at hand. Life never waits for a meaningful and logical equilibrium. It flows. Come what may. These disjointed pieces of events need a thread to unite it. A simple, yet powerful hinge to hold lives most beautiful and saddest events together with tedious and eventless normal life. 

Music from time immemorial enjoyed such a powerful and delicate task. A whining baby finds solace in the lullaby of her mother’s sweet voice. Baby, with a sweet smile and adorable beauty waits eagerly for her mother to hum her beautiful lullabies to enter into melodious silence.  Child finds rhythm of music enchanting to sway legs, hands and head in rhythmic style. Child believes in her heart that the whole world shakes itself together with swaying branches of trees to appreciate music. Teenager gets mesmerized by its power to convey powerful emotions of tension, discontinuity, brokenness and love. Life without music becomes a thread bare cloth waiting for its oblivion. Youth finds a powerful relieving experience in its embrace. They passionately hold on to their better halves in its presence. The absence of music in their life often creates a vacuum. Middle aged and the old love its smoothening power. Their life often marred with stumbling blocks of routine find solace and comfort in music. They substitute the absence of their loved ones with the melody of music. 

Music continues its journey embracing the multitude, entertaining the masses, comforting the broken ones, killing the time for the lazy, sprouting imagination, and augmenting creativity. Music continues to don different garbs for everyone at every different circumstance. A group of exceptional people are enchanted by music itself, passionate to the brim and creates a fresh thread of musical notes to enhance the power and beauty of music. They remain like a child clapping enthusiastically at every wave that teases its banks, ever wondering the freshness it brings. All of it gives rise to a set of unanswered questions to reverberate in the endless horizon. Who will add next few drops to this ocean? Will you?