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Natanam – Dance Recital by Saranya Mohan

July 29, 2019   I  VIEW ALL

(Film Actress – Vijay Award for the best supporting actress, Film Fare Award for the best Tamil supporting Actress) at DB Academy of Music and Fine Arts. Saranya Mohan is an established film actress who has acted in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil Films.

DB Academy of Music and Fine Arts, was truly privileged to host Natanam – a dance recital by the famous film actress Saranya Mohan on 22 November, 2014. The name Nadanam meaning dance itself was symbolically chosen to denote a dual role Saranaya plays in her life as an actress as well as a dance performer. The dance performance of Saranya and her team had a harmonious blending of bhava, raga, laya (rhythm) and all the nava rasas with a special emphasis on lasya. The dance performance Natanam very well could be defined as: Bhaava raga laya samanwyam. Lasaya rasa pradhaanam. The expressions and movements of Saranya were also so graceful that she has left a lasting impression on the audience.

The programme began at 6.30pm with the prayer vaazhthidunnitha (a famous Christian devotional of late Johnson Master) sung by Nimya Lal (2nd rank holder for M.A. Vocal Music 2007 – Calicut University). It was followed by the lighting of the kuthuvilakku (Indian Lamp) by Saranya Mohan, Rev. Fr. Joyce (Rector), Rev. Fr. Yashin Jose (Director), Sri. Y.K.B. Mohanji (Father of Ms. Saranya) and Smt. Kalamandalam Devi (mother of Ms. Saranya). Rev. Fr. Rector then welcomed the artistes as well as all those who had gathered for the event. Saranya commenced her dance concert with the keerthanaAAnandha natanam aadum Vinayaka” in Gaula raga. Some of the prominent keerthanas for which Saranya Mohan, Sukhanya Mohan and their team danced were: Kannan Varai kaanane in the raga Vrundhaavana Saranga, Meenakshi Thaye in Abhogi and Azhaku Daivam aakuvandhu in Anandhabhairavi. The final dance on Dasavatharam by Saranya and her team was so moving for the entre crowd assembled for the programme. According to Hindu tradition, dasavatharam refers to the ten avatars of Vishnu. The dance performance had a blissful conclusion as all the dancers staged the Mangalam “Pavamana Suthudu Pattu” (Composer: Sri. Thyagaraja, Raga:Saurasthtra , Tala: Adi)

At the end of the dance recital, Saranya Mohan and her younger sister Ms. Sukhanya Mohan were honoured with a memento. Sri. Y. K. B Mohanji and Kalamandalam Devi were also honoured with a ponnada. Fr. Yashin (Director of DB Academy of Music and Fine Arts) proposed the vote of thanks in which he expressed his sincere gratitude to Saranya and her parents who willingly said “Yes” to our request of giving a dance concert at our Academy for our Children.