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Inauguration of the 150 years old Grand Piano

August 6, 2019   I  VIEW ALL

Don Bosco Music Academy added another colourful feather to its crown by adding an additional Grand Piano to its possession. This Grand Piano is around 150 years old and in excellent condition, a rare piece for the music lovers. Rev. Fr. Joyce Thonikuzhiyil SDB, provincial of Bangalore province inaugurated and blessed Grand Piano in the esteemed presence of Fr. Antony Vailattu SDB, the Rector, Fr. Jubin Aayila SDB, music masters, students and past pupil and music lovers. Fr. Joyce praised highly the efforts of the past directors and the present director and music teachers who made the arrival and induction of the Grand Piano a great success. He showed his deep satisfaction by a playing a music piece in the Grand Piano.