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July 29, 2019   I  VIEW ALL

Aalapanam, a Carnatic Vocal Concert by Sri. Gopikrishnan V. was organized by DB Academy of Music and Fine Arts at Don Bosco, Kochi. Arts. Sri. Kalainath (Mrudangam), Sri. Bejoy (Violin)and Sri. Sharath (Ghatam) were the accompanying artistes for the performance. Sri. Gopikrishnan, a close disciple of Prof. Mavelikkara P Subrahmanyam (the former HoD of the Department of Vocal Music, RLV college of Music and Fine Arts) captivated the audience with his brilliant presentation of the kritis and keeerthanas.

The concert began with a prayer lead by Sri. Sarath Bose (winner of light music – M.G. University). Rev. Fr. Joyce (Rector) then extended a cordial welcome to the artistes and all those gathered for the programme. It was followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Rev. Fr. Joyce, Fr. Yashin Jose, Sri. Gopikrishanan, Sri. Sarath Bose and Master Anand.

In keeping with the South Indian Musical tradition, Sri. Gopikrishnan began his concert with a very famous Adi Tala Varana “Era Napai in Thodi Raga (Composer: Sri. Patanam Subramanyam Iyer). Some of the keerthanas that followed were: Gajavadana (Raga:Sreeranjini, Tala: Adi, composer: Sri. Papanasam Sivan), Deva Deva Kalayami (Raga: Mayamalavagaula, Tala: Rupaka, Composer: Sri. Swathi Thirunal) and Marugelara O’ Raghava (Raga: Jayantasree, Tala: Desadi, Composer: Sri. Thyagaraja). Swaminathena Samrakshithoham (Raga: Brindavana Saranga, Tala: Adi, Composer: Sri. Muthu Swami Dikshitar) was presented as the main keerthana for the concert. He gave an elaborate rendition for the same bringing out the various nuances that embellish the raga. A few light songs like “Kanda naal Mudhalai (Raga: Madhuvanthi, Tala: Adi, Composer: Sri. N. S. Chidambaram) and Enna Thavam seithanai Yashodha (Raga: Kapi, Tala: Adi, Composer: Sri. Papamaana in Madhyamavathi Raga.

As a sign of acknowledgement and gratitude, the artistes were honoured with a memento and a ponnada. Fr. Yashin Jose, the Director of DB Academy of Music and Fine Arts proposed the vote of thanks. Our children came forward to thank the artistes personally as a true gesture of appreciation.